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Ms.Ashu  Jat is multitalented, creative and gorgeous all at the same time. She has varied interests from Designing, Modelling, Anchoring to Event Management. She can design costumes on one hand and also organize events on the other. She can walk up the ramp confidently on one extreme and entertain audience non-stop with her intelligence and humour on the other. She has just the right amalgamation of looks, confidence and communication. She is extraordinarily good in her language skills and can speak incessantly on any topic. She has a vast vocabulary, good clarity and great pronunciation skills with knowledge of the regional slangs as well. She can multitask efficiently by listening to the participants on one hand, noticing the audience, and also preparing her response simultaneously with a lot of grace and patience. She has an awe-inspiring attitude which automatically draws people to her. She has a huge circle of fans and well-wishers. She is looking for a break proportionate to her talent.

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Ashu jat
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