Birthday Package 10000

Birthday Package 10000


Birthday Package 10000
A balloon arch is the perfect accessory for any wedding, birthday, carnival, or entry way ...
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A balloon arch is the perfect accessory for any wedding, birthday, carnival, or entry way to your next party. Kids are fonder of balloons, and what if their entire birth-day is filled with 100’s of balloons. Isn’t it so special!! Whether it is a grand entrance, balloon pillars, cake table balloon decoration or theme with balloons, everything can be designed based on you favorss.

8 x 8 ft balloon arch with 4 colors of balloons

8 x 6 ft balloon arch with drapes

8 x 8 ft balloon arch with 2 colors of balloons, flower-shaped balloons, balloon vines

Option 1:

  • 12 x 8ft cloth backdrop – 1.
  • 12 x 8ft balloon arch with balloon bunches -1.
  • 6ft balloon pillars – 2.
  • Personalized happy birthday banner - 1
  • Latex balloon bunches for the cake table (not included) - 4
  • Floor Balloons on Stage - 25

Option 2:

  • 12 x 8ft cloth backdrop – 1.
  • 12 x 8ft balloon goal post (as per design) – 1.
  • 3 ft mini balloon pillars –8.
  • Personalized happy birthday alphabet balloon banner – 2.
  • Floor balloons on stage -25.

Option 3:

  • 12 x 8 ft cloth backdrop – 1.
  • 12 x 8ft balloon arch -1.
  • 6ft theme balloon pillars – 2.
  • 3 ft theme mini balloon pillars – 2.
  • Personalized happy birthday banner – 1.
  • Floor balloons on stage – 25.
  • Approximate number of latex balloons used in the package (as per design) - 800 – 900.

  • Party hall access for 2 hours pre-party for decoration.
  • Support for backdrops.
  • Submit the image of the birthday kids before 48 hours of party.
  • Minimum 12 feet height is required for this theme set up.
  • Cake table to be arranged by the customer.
  • Continuous power supply is mandatory for the show to go on.
  • Make sure that all the necessary permissions are taken beforehand.
  • Provide necessary requirements like plug point, ladder, stool etc., to the artists based on the kind of decoration chosen.

  • Outdoor events
  • Restaurant party halls
  • Banquet halls
  • Apartment clubhouse party halls

  • Baby shower functions.
  • Naming ceremony functions.
  • Kid's birthday parties.
  • Milestone birthday parties.
  • Engagement parties.
  • Anniversary parties.

  • Flower.
  • Sports
  • Smiley
  • Noddy
  • Dora
  • Doraemon
  • Hot Wheels

Option 1:

  • An attractive stage decoration package with a pastel shade cloth backdrop (10 x 7 ft) adorned with a personalised Happy Birthday Banner made from thermocol/ flexiboard / Cardboard Cut-outs placed in the centre.
  • An elegantly designed spring style balloon arch with colourful metallic 9-inch balloons gets transformed into flower bunches at intervals with interconnecting twisted balloon vines creating a truly captivating aura on stage.
  • Two 6ft balloon pillars border the majestic arch on either side.

Option 2:

  • A truly dream package for football lovers in which the football stadium forms the backdrop (cloth / flexiboard) and the name of the birthday kid displayed using golden alphabet balloons in the centre creating an energy-charged atmosphere for the party. The classic football colours of black & white break out into a tango to form a cool football goal post like arch which forms the centre of attention of the entire stage decoration.
  • The cake table decorated with a happy birthday banner is placed in the centre of the balloon arch.
  • Short balloon pillars with football balloons on top, giving the impression of little players, line up in front of the stage completing the football theme stage decoration.

Option 3:

  • This package is designed to bring smiles on everyone's face with smiley foil balloons holding onto the stage backdrop which sets the mood for the entire stage decoration. Yellow, black & white balloons intertwine to form a beautiful arch which is in tune with the Smiley theme stage decoration as the arch is formed from Smiley theme colour balloons.
  • The balloon pillars with a big smiley balloon on top are created using striking contrasting colours are placed in front of the balloon arch on either side making the entire stage decoration very colourful. The little balloons pillars with smiley balloon on top kept on either side of the balloon arch as well as the little smiley cut-outs on the stage-front brings the entire Smiley theme balloon decoration together.
  • Floor balloons on the stage, Balloon bunches on either side of the party hall and a personalised welcome board at the party arena entrance complete the package.

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