Birthday Package 17000

Birthday Package 17000


Birthday Package 17000
The venue is decorated in such a way that all the gathering feels themselves in a jungle a...
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The venue is decorated in such a way that all the gathering feels themselves in a jungle and underwater world. False trees made up of thermocol, underworld creatures, hanging pictures of animalsand plastic are all over placed. Organizing an event on these themes is enthusiastic tasks for an organizer too because of its dazzling favors.

Option 1:

  • 12 x 8 ft flex board jungle theme backdrop - 1
  • Personalizedhappy birthday banner - 1
  • White picket fence prop - 2
  • Animal cut-outs to be stuck on the backdrop -10
  • Creeper vines - 5
  • Plant balloon bunches on the floor next to picket fence - 12
  • Paper pom pom for ceiling decoration - 12
  • Balloon palm trees - 2
  • Cake table decoration with plants balloon bunches - 1
  • Floor Balloons on Stage - 25

Option 2:

  • 12 x 8ft cloth Backdrop - 1
  • 10 x 7ft theme balloon wall
  • Personalized happy birthday alphabet balloon banner
  • Theme balloon models on balloon wall - 15
  • 5ft balloon pillars with theme model balloons on top - 2
  • Row of balloon model plants on stage

Option 3:

  • 12 x 8ft Cloth Backdrop - 1
  • 12 x 8ft Balloon Butterfly on the metal frame
  •  Personalized Happy Birthday Banner - 1
  •  Butterfly Theme Balloon Models on backdrop - 2
  •  Butterfly Theme Balloon Pillars - 2
  •  Row of Balloon Plants bordering stage front - 1
  •  Cake Table Decoration with flower/butterfly theme bunches - 3
  • Helium Gas Ceiling Balloons - 20
  • Approximate number of Metallic Balloons used in the entire decoration(as per design) - 700-750

  • Party hall access for 2 hours pre-party for decoration.
  • Continuous power supply is mandatory for the show to go on.
  • Make sure that all the necessary permissions are taken beforehand.
  • Provide necessary requirements like plug point, ladder, stool etc., to the artists based on the kind of decoration chosen.
  • Support for backdrops.
  • Minimum 12 feet height is required for this theme set up.
  • Cake table with table cloth to be arranged by the customer.

  • Outdoor Events
  • Restaurant Party Halls
  • Banquet Halls
  • Apartment ClubHouse party Halls

  • Baby Shower Functions
  • Naming Ceremony Functions
  • 1st Birthday Parties
  • Kid's Birthday Parties
  • Milestone Birthday Parties
  • Engagement Parties
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Anniversary parties

  • KungFu Panda
  • FC Barcelona
  • Incredibles
  • Power Rangers
  • Power Puff girls
  • Motu Patlu
  • Madagascar
  • Nemo
  • Noddy
  • Dora
  • Doraemon
  • Hot Wheels
  • Tom & Jerry


Option 1:

  • This attractive Jungle theme stage decoration package comes with a Jungle theme Flexiboard backdrop (10 x 7 ft) embellished with a happy birthday banner cut-out placed tastefully at the center with vine creepers dangling down from many strategic positions makes the whole Jungle theme come alive.
  • The palm trees are placed on either side of the banner to complete the frame of the backdrop setting.
  • The picket fence props placed in front brightens up the entire Jungle scene. The little balloon shrubs and cute red & white mushrooms against the picket fence add the finishing touch to the wild Jungle theme scene.
  • The cake table adorned with the theme color tablecloth (not provided) has a small green balloon shrub with a wild mushroom placed right at its base. The ceiling area above the stage will wear a party look with 10 themes colored pom poms dangling from chosen spots on the ceiling.
  • The party hall will be decorated with 12 balloon bunches on either side of the hall and a Jungle theme welcome board will be placed at the entrance of the party hall.

Option 2:

  • The colorful underwater world is brought to life in this eye-catching package with a Balloon wall forming the backdrop for the decoration package. Underwater creatures are placed randomly on the balloon wall to give a natural look.
  • The colorful Birthday Banner on the Balloon wall gives the package a personalized touch.
  • A double layer line of balloons in front of the Balloon Wall with green vines popping out represents the underwater aquatic life. The Balloon pillars on either side of the Balloon wall with the charming little Octopus sitting on top completes this attractive package.
  • The Cake table covered with a color-coordinated tablecloth (not provided) is also decorated with an underwater creature cut-out in order to bring the whole theme together.

Option 3:

  • This beautiful spring inspired Butterfly theme birthday decoration package takes you to the rolling grass fields filled with pretty little spring blossoms and fluttering butterflies.
  • Balloon bunches on either side of the party hall and a personalized welcome board at the party arena entrance will be the ultimate finishing touch for each of the above three-stage decoration packages.

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