5 Tricks to get the right pose from kids

5 Tricks to get the right pose from kids

5 Tricks to get the right pose from kids


Kids are the amazing things in the world. It is always an opportunity to click the beautiful moments and memories of the kids at the same it is more beyond photography to get the right clicks. Sahini studios offer exclusively photo-shoots and services in photography for kids. Here are few tips and tricks for getting a right pose from kids no matter what they are - toddlers, babies and early preschoolers.

1. Make noise behind the camera. A perfect click is when the children are looking right into the camera. It is quiet easy that kids get deviated and they get attracted for the things around. It is very hard to get their eye contact to the camera. The best way for them to stare at the camera is, the best of kin – parents, siblings etc., stand behind the camera and play peek-a-boo to draw their attention by making the noise. This is way there are many chances that the kid stares at the camera and mostly can give a smile.

2. Hold down the spot. It is really important to get the exact pose which you need. Encourage a child to stand where you want them and ensure you engage them with their favorite doll, coins, sticker or anything which makes them stand long by holding them comfortably. Let the kid know that you are taking a snap. You could also hold the kid close to you and hold them with your legs while taking the snap if you need the best shot. Ensure you say that you have to take a pic for the kid.

3. Lay down babies and toddlers. Babies and toddlers are still sensitive and may not be sure of holding things stronger and standing for a while. It is always suggested to make them lay-down or sit rather than expecting your toddler to be good at holding the baby. You could also place the baby in a container for better and quick shots. Also, it is good to best use of their push chairs to make them in a sitting or sleeping pose, as the babies feel more comfortable to sit or sleep longer. Now, it’s you who have get on above them to get the exact pose which you wanted. The good thing is that the baby would be little stable and in control as per your need. It’s especially helpful for a baby that is newborn-pre-sitting.

4. Acquire assistance. It’s always to have your assistant to help you when dealing with kids as they understand both your professional requirements as well as the toddler needs. They can act or give support on the back of the baby and you can take the exact capture pose. Try to keep the goofy antics behind the camera; it keeps the kids looking inside the frame. Be friendlier with the kid, so spending little time before the photo-shoot helps to ease your duty with the kid.

5. Choose your timing well. Allowing some extra time is always needed for the photo-shoot is much needed when it comes to the toddlers and kids. Moms and dads, I know that you know your stuff, and you know your kids. But sometimes we get so busy with our plans and agenda that we forget some of the obvious things. If you really want that photo of your child/children, it would be best to plan ahead, creating the best situation you can.

With all the above tips, it is more beyond photography that is love, affection and emotions which makes kid more react to the photos. Make them as happier as possible to get your main job done.

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