Steal your stall – get the elegance of Hyderabad

Steal your stall – get the elegance of Hyderabad

Steal your stall – get the elegance of Hyderabad


Steal your stall – get the elegance of Hyderabad

Welcome to the first ever big Fashion & Modelling Event in Hyderabad

Presenting by HEIT

Create your Brand identity and make your perspective with our exclusive stalls at the venue

Make your presence BIG


Hyderabad Events is proudly launching 500 Models and 80 fashion designers create a new buzz in the Film Industry and Glamour industry. The event is more glamorous with exclusive 30 stalls aiming to entertain the huge crowd of Hyderabad at the event.


We welcome the businesses across Hyderabad from Fashion Institutes, Accessories, Jewelry, Food, Art, Retail, Photo-booth, and Traditional to Trendy clothing and many more categories accepted.

The key benefits for businesses:

  • Raise your business ROI by increasing brand awareness and create preference
  • Get your style exhibited to our beloved audience with your tactics
  • Give a chance to our audience to enjoy your flavour
  • Create positive PR and raise awareness of the organization as a whole
  • Build brand positioning through associative imagery
  • Create internal emotional commitment to the brand and
  • Act as corporate hospitality that promotes good relations with clients

Make your business partnership with Hyderabad Events today!! Buy your space now and make your business revenue and brand identity

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