Why planning is important for corporate events

Why planning is important for corporate events

Why planning is important for corporate events


​​​​​​​“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” - Paul J. Meyer


The success of corporate event is mainly based on how best you have planned your event. It is quiet important that you spend excellent time in preparing and planning your event as it the blueprint on how your event is going to be executed. At MAA events and entertainment, we organize events for our clients and ourselves on a regular basis. A successful event hosting requires strategic and thoughtful planning and execution. It is vital to note that while every event will be distinct, but many of the requirements will be the alike or similar. Here are few steps to consider if you are planning a corporate event.

  1. Define your goals and objectives. This is the basic and crucial step when starting your preparation for the corporate event. Know exactly what are the key goals and objectives of your corporate event to begin your arrangements. Have both primary and secondary objectives which help you to break it into a flow chart
  2. Understand your target audience. It is wise to know who your audiences are and what their requirements would be. Always do your research first to have a better understanding of their basic lifestyle by knowing demographics, occupations and preferences. Making a guest list as soon as possible will help you better planning of your event
  3. Determine venue, date and time of your event. This is the next step once you have finalized your guest list. By knowing your budget, finalize the venue, date and time for your corporate event. To increase event turnout, make sure to consider holidays and special occasions. The time of your event is also important. Look at what time is most suitable for your target audience, understanding that they may have other commitments
  4. Establish a budget. Consider each and every small aspect when it comes to the budgeting as expenses can add up quickly. Prepare a budget before your event as this helps you a good control on the whole event expenses — venue (consider renting a venue within close proximity to the company), food, beverage, giveaways, prizes, audio-visual equipment, and any staff needed. If you are planning an event on behalf of a client, be sure to set a budget at the initial planning phase and to keep your client informed of any changes that occur that will impact the original budget.
  5. Invite a guest speaker (optional). The key success of corporate events these days are very much centered with its guest speaker. As a part of corporate socializing, people tend to get attracted by knowing who the speaker is. A key speaker or entertainer may help increase interest and guest attendance depending on your event. Confirming their attendance can be a key factor in the success of your event. Once your guest speaker has confirmed, it is always a good practice to stay in touch to follow up on the needs for the guest speaker before, on the day and after the event such as transportation, accommodation and any other special requirments
  6. Plan the menu. Based on your audience, key stakeholders, and company employees it is very important to have a planned food menu. Be sure if it is a breakfast/lunch/dinner. Also check about the light snacks and appetizers are appropriate at other times of the day. Refreshments typically increase audience engagement at events.
  7. Send out invitations. Use best means of communication to send out invitations including online services, email, post mail or face-to-face. Know your target number and based on that invite a pretty good number. Because, inviting 100 guests does not mean 100 people will attend. Make sure the invitations are customized and appropriate for your event. In some cases, follow up notifications are recommended to remind your invitees about the event
  8. Recruit staff and volunteers. No matter how big or small the event is, it is important to have good number of staff and volunteers who know their duties and are also well trained before the vent. It is also important that everyone is on the same line and know the complete flow of the vent and key people to contact at the venue in case of emergency. A clear idea of venue makes them better serve the audience. Their gestures and corporate style must be taken extra care as they are the faces of the company at the event.
  9. Evaluation. A clear and full evaluation at the end of the event helps you understand how best your event organizing went on and what are loopholes to be considered for not repeating them next time. Online surveys are a great way to gauge what your attendees liked and did not like. By doing a follow-up survey you can improve future events.

No two events are same. So it is always good to remember and think outside the box, keep it organized and plan well in advance.


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