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Deepthi is a rare combination of beauty and brains. She is trendy and fashionable known best for her prompt remarks full of wit and intelligence. She is well-versed with the art of instant communication and can manage well without script. She can influence people very well with her talk. She has an upto date knowledge of the current trends in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry.

She is interested in Fashion-styling, Anchoring and Event Management. She has always won the first prize in every event she participated.

She participated in the Calantha Fashion Show conducted @ N Convention, Hyderabad in November 2015 as a Fashion designer and was appreciated for her work.

She was also awarded first prize for Face Painting contest and in Fashion Regains and Fashion Recycling in 2014.

She won the Best Material prize in Fashion Mosaic in 2014 for designing the material from tube tyres.

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