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Ms Jyothika Indrapal  is a wonderful combination of wit, humour and intelligence. She has an upto date knowledge base of the current trends in the fashion and entertainment industry. She is breathtakingly beautiful, trendy and stylish. She is well versed with the art of instant communication and a delightful story teller. She can weave through the diverse information that is seamlessly poured in the reality shows and build on it in a distinctive fashion making herself a heart throb of the audience. She is not just extraordinarily good with the Hindi, English & Malayalam language but also with the prominent slangs used by the Hyderabad population. Beyond voice, looks and delivery, she best possesses the skills without a script. Ms Jyothika Indrapal has an alert mind which is ever flowing with fresh ideas and elucidations. She has an air of unmatched self-confidence in her delivery. She is looking forward to utilizing her impromptu skills to make herself a popular name in the entertainment industry.


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Jyothika Indrapal
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