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Khairatabad is one of the oldest known areas in the city, it is well associated with Raj Bhavan and Visweswaraya Institute of Engineers set up. The two names are city's lauded landmarks. They weave pictures of greatness of our nation in any visitor's mind. The area reeks of history but lacked a decent, professional and approachable function hall that could fulfil the needs of people of the areas in and around Khairatabad. To rectify the said abnormality, we stepped in the year 1989.
We take pleasure in announcing that we are a part of a group that deals in many diversified fields, the same of which has come in handy to tackle a delicate chore of celebration occasion of any kind.
We bring with us the added experience of rich, in-depth and good proportions and this enables us to make occasion of any kind a truly grand and momentous one. We offer a peaceful, tranquil and homely atmosphere to further pepper up the mood of the occasion. We also have the added benefit of an environment of old and New World trappings, which just about suit the occasion. We also provide the added benefit of expert astrological advice to our patrons who are interested to avail of the same and are in the process of coming up with our own astrological web site very soon.
We feel proud of our success rate, which is so good that our patrons keep coming back to have their next celebration occasion of any kind in our function hall.
So, when one thinks of hosting a celebratory or business occasion of any kind then please do get in touch with us. Don't ever think of hesitation, eschew the same and get in touch with any of our telephone numbers. Remember the good times are just a few calls away.
Banquet Hall,We are ensembles on an area of almost 1 ½ acres, well decked up by an elegant medium size mansion, which is enveloped by a mist of trees flocking it on all sides. This is a good sign since it acts as a refreshing shelter from pouring rain or searing heat beat-downs. The entire area within the confines of the hall is adorned by beautiful flowerpots sprouting lovely flowers like rose and so on. The same helps in keeping the entire area around mesmerised by its fragrance and aroma.

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C Muralidhar Reddy
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# 6-3-631, Zilla Parishad Lane Khairatabad, Hyderabad 500004 AP, INDIA

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Catering, Pgotography

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